Sunday, September 30, 2007

What does D.S. stand for?

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New gift from my sister, georgie and mel for my birthday. We played mario cart after church together and it was tons of fun. I LOVE the black carrying case with red stitch trims. It matches my phone too! i think i have a thing for red. or more maroon red. love it. (thanks you guys! i heart you) Now when Mike plays Madden... i can play on the ds!

Mel & Glo

At night, I met up with the roommates again for dinner at Grand Lux Cafe. I had my camera in my bag and everything, but when the food came, I totally forgot to take pictures. So I told myself that I'll at least get a picture of the dessert. Nope. forgot about that too.

The Baileys Coffee was really good and the Cajun Rib Eye was alright. I probably enjoyed the fries more (when do I not?). I really think they should have a french fries restaurant serving all different types of fries with all different types of seasoning & dipping sauce. YUM! i love fries.