Saturday, September 15, 2007

I'm hip, I'm young..

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7:00am - wake up
7:15am - leave the house
7:45am - arrive at Jeymi's house
7:55am - leave Jeymi's house
8:15amish - jeymi (or was it sean?) receives a call saying that they require all runners to be doing 12 min/mile {are they freaking kidding me?!?!? damn it, we're going to be the last ones and the police will have to escort us to the finish line cos we can't run 12 min/miles!!!}
8:50amish - arrive at the starting point {oh my goodness, i've never seen so many people wanting to run in my life!}
9:05am - crossed the starting line
9: 20am - finished mile 1 {damn it! 4 more to go!!! - ok, let's walk one light and run one light}
... after walking more lights than running the lights.... a jamba juice stop...
10:35 ish - crossed the finish line!

after the race, we got our medal, banana, water, sports bar and headed to alcove for some breakfast/coffee

Nike Run Hit Remix

That was just the beginning of my day.

I went home, found my parents there and after having my mom cook me scramble eggs... we went to get a foot massage. ($15/hr) totally needed it =)

Went home and napped for 30 mins before Mike came home from hanging out with his friends. Got ready for the night and headed out to dinner at the boiling crab in Alhambra.

Thank You gerogie, lover, fat, charlene, sister, neh, freak, june, singer, koj, pam, sandra, andrew, jeffery, and mike for coming out to dinner. It was some awesome seafood. very yum!

After dinner and a MASSIVE mango cake from lover, we headed over to J Lounge in LA. The club was cool... really really crowded. DJ wasn't so hot... but it was fun. good company, fun times =)

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thanks for the pictures josh!

The night ended with everyone meeting at the beloved K.T Cafe for some good lemon ice tea. Got home at 3:30am... I have not done that in SO LONG!