Monday, September 17, 2007

Happy Birthday, Bryan & Brandon

Today is a special day... today is my cousins Bryan & Brandon's 13th birthday!!! Wow... they are finally teens. When I saw them in April, I forgot that they were only 12... i kept thinking they were 17, getting ready for college. They are probably way taller than me now, and more stressed with school in Singapore =)

Bryan, Glo, Mike, Brandon

Boys, if you are reading this... I hope you got my SMS. "Happy birthday!!" Hope you had an awesome birthday today. We love you TONS and TONS and wish you a very blessed year ahead.

I went to work, my sister didn't make it to school cos she got a stye in her eye... so she came to the cafe to do her work. after work, we went to old town to shop around urban and forever but didn't get anything but 2 necklaces. She had a doctor's appointment at 4, so we didn't have time to really shop at any other places.

It's funny how it ended up to be a family affair. My parents ended up showing up at the hospital /clinic too. My dad and I waited outside (and instead of talked to each other, we texted each other with our phones... my dad is obsessed with his phone) while my mom went in to see the doctor with my sister.

My mom convinced me to go to dinner with the family at Yasmin... but I needed to make another costco run with my sister. So after shopping at costco with my sister, we went home to pick up mike and headed over to another yummy dinner.

We feasted and went home to watch "what a girl wants" {my favorite movie}