Wednesday, July 19, 2006

God is Good.

It's been a very tough week for me.

I've dedicated my life to a subject I absolutely DO NOT understand. The last 3 days, I've done a lot of complaining, a bunch of whining and a lot more of reading, taking notes and trying to figure out this new language of science. It has made me wonder if I'm really cut out to be an OT and if this really is the field God has called me to. I mean coming from a business background... I can B.S. my way around... I can't do that with science. Physiology will probably be my life for the next 5 weeks...

Despite me wanting to quit every day... God has been ever so faithful and graceous to me. He's given me people to turn to for help, a study group that works well together, slowly but surely increasing my understanding of lecture from 15% to 25% (i was so happy when i understood about 25% of what the prof. was lecturing about today) and he's given me words of encouragement through my journaling and devotional time. He is Good.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

A Card, A Layout & A couple Birthdays

Last Wednesday we celebrated Annie's birthday at cheesecake! I got there late because of class so I had dessert with them. We got her some sunglasses which she proudly wears =) Happy birthday, Roommate!

Mike celebrated his birthday a day early (on sunday). We had a nice BBQ party for him with lots of food, Madden, Guitar Hero, great family & friends. I didn't have time to take many pictures but it was lots of fun. My mom got a cake shaped as a football field cos he loves football. We had so much food left over that we've been eating left over bbq this whole week.

I put together a care package for my twin cousins who are going through a major swim competition back in Singapore. It's a very stressful time for them & I wanted to encourage them to hang in there. I got a bunch of us to write encouraging notes to them and I made an accordion card for each of them. In the care package, I included a disposable camera for them to take pictures of their every day life and I'll have them send it back to me, a insect protection kit I found at Target's $1 section, popcorn and a notebook for them to keep their ideas or to use as a journal. I hope they like it.

It's been a while since I scrapped pictures other than me and Mike, so I decided to scrap a picture of my 2 very metro guy friends. I love them very much.

My dad's birthday this coming Sunday and I made him a card. I enjoy making cards...

My Happiness Today Is...

  • Spending time with God
  • Coffee
  • Hugging Mike
  • Calling my Grandma today
  • Talking to Bryan right before his swim competition and finding out that they loved the care package! yay!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

fireworks in the park

Today was good. I woke up knowing that I had the day to do whatever we wanted. I love days off. Mike & I just hung out at home in the morning, lounged around, watched some TV and napped. I got to sit and read a magazine that I haven't had time to read last month.

Later, when it got too hot to stay at home, we went and got free air condition at the mall. Walked around and got some bath gel at Bath & Body Works. They had their semi annual sale, so we got our favorite scent for $5. (Regularly $13)

After the mall closed, we tried to be adventurous and drove around looking for a new place to eat. But later decided that today isn't the day to explore since so many restaurants were closed because of the holiday. So we ended up eating near by home at the Korean Tofu restaurant. Yummy stuff!

After dinner we went to watch fireworks are the park near home. Thank goodness we live close by and it's walking distance. It would have been impossible to find parking. The city put on a pretty good show. Mike & I brought a straw mat to sit on and we got to work out our budget while we waited for the show to start.

To be able to lay down and watch the fireworks shoot up right over you is amazing. We watch the fireworks show at Disneyland all the time, but to really enjoy it laying down and having it cover the sky right over you is another story. It would have been better if they played some good music to go with the show, but I think we're just really spoiled from the fireworks show at Disneyland.

My Happiness Today is...

  • watching fireworks with Mike
  • having a day off
  • getting to surf 2peas
  • finding my bath gel on sale!

Monday, July 03, 2006

My Weekend

The past weekend was spent at an all church retreat. The good part was that it was only in Irvine so it wasn't TOO far away from home. Here are some recaps of the weekend

  • On Friday, Mike and I spent the day together before heading to the retreat. It was so much fun! We went to watch The Devil Wears Prada at Downtown Disney (the nicest theater I've been to)
  • Then went to watch Aladdin at DCA... very chill day. Had dinner at Islands... Happy Hour!
  • For SOME reason, I've always had the impression that dorms are fully air conditioned. I didn't believe Mike when he told me that these dorms aren't. Why is it that all the dorms I've visited or remember visiting had A/C?
  • The speaker was pretty cool. The one thing that I took away from his messages was that doing evangelism isn't just pounding the 4 spiritual laws on someone and having them accept Christ. It's about living out God's love and caring for them as a person and planting that seed. I use to be a lot better at RAK or just caring for people and showing love. I think it's time to get back into it. My first step towards it is to connect with God again. Being so distant from Him doesn't help me show love or invest in others
  • I had a good time talking with Allen when he had to interview me for his class. It was probably the first time in a while that I was truly opened with one of the college people.
  • The beds there hurt my back.
  • The food was awesome for a retreat/dorm food.
  • After it ended, I wanted to go to Scrapbook Oasis but didn't know where it was... so I went to in Long Beach instead and guess what? They had a 15% sale for the 4th of July!! yay!!!
  • Came home... and packed my scrapbook stuff and went over to my friend Erin's place to scrap for a few hours.
  • I hope today isn't going to be too hot...

My Happiness Today is...
waking up and feeling so refreshed cos I finally got good sleep in my own bed.