Monday, October 01, 2007

Things to look forward to

  • Christmas music has been playing in my car for about 2 weeks now. I skip Halloween & Thanksgiving and start the season after Labor day.
  • maybe a real christmas tree this year?
  • Debating on if i should have a nice & small christmas party this year or big and fun one
  • Snowboarding season... gonna try to hit the slopes as much as I can this season to make up for not boarding at all last season
  • our place that will eventually be nice, neat & organized
  • scrapbooking again
  • taking pictures again
  • Disneyland. (i REALLY can't wait for this one! i miss it SO much!!)
  • finding time to journal and connect with God
  • do some yoga instead of just reading about it
  • keep focus on training for the Triathlon.

wow... there's a lot to look forward to. Thanks for such a fulfilled life, God.