Monday, April 30, 2007

Shanghai 2007

Sunday, April 29, 2007


Growing up, I moved a lot. The first 10 years of my life was spent all over the place... always moving... never really having a place that I called home. Eventually we settled down in Cerritos when I was in 4th grade and finally got to make friends longer than a year. But even then, it was hard for me to feel at home. I would always want to be back in Singapore when I was in LA and when I was in Singapore, I missed my friends in LA. Nothing really made me feel home. In college I moved out to Riverside, but came back to Cerritos every weekend... still then, I wasn't sure where I felt more at home. I don't think I really felt what 'home' was until last year.

After moving into our place in MPK, it took a while to get use to living in another city. A city filled with bad drivers, people with little or no customer service at restaurants and a lot more police sirens going off at night. It most definately did not feel like home the first year... but since then, I've be able to create a place for us to feel comfortable in. A place where I take responsiblity in cleaning and organizing and decorating. These days, I don't want to be away too long from home and when I get back from traveling/vacation/house sitting for co workers, I love the feeling of being home again. I love the feeling of sleeping in our own bed, showering in our own bathroom and watching TV on our own couch. It's a weird but good feeling.

There's no doubt a lot more decorating, cleaning and organizing I'd love to do to our home, but despite all of the things that aren't ideal for me about this place... it's home.... and I love it.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Singapore 2007

Although this trip felt way too short and rushed... we had a lot of fun hanging out with family, eating great food and traveled to Shanghai for a couple of days. I didn't record my memories as I planned... but the pictures will do. Here are some memories that my camera didn't capture:
  • playing 'sardines' in the dark with the kids.
  • visiting my grandfather's grave site (i can't believe it's been 10 years...)
  • riding bikes at the beach (and sweating like NO OTHER)
  • curry chicken and durain on the night we arrived (1 am in the morning)
  • spending a day in SHOCK at how big the twins got
  • watched 'meet the robinsons' with mike and the kids
  • watched 'wild hogs' with mike
  • took ben out shopping and to the arcade sunday afternoon
  • hanging out with my grandmother over coffee
  • being fed every hour (literally)
  • having good conversations with the twins
lots of good memories. can't wait for them to come in december...

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Fun Shots of Jacob

I've been trying to keep my camera close to me so I can take more daily pictures. I love taking pictures of this little guy. He's so much fun and is growing so HUGE every day.