Thursday, September 27, 2007

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So I know Mike thinks it's ridiculous that I wanted another camera after I told him that once I get my xti, I wouldn't get another camera for another like 10 years (or however long my xti lives for... I tried to convince him with analogies like it's the same as him having 5 guitars or having madden '06, '07 & '08 - he doesn't think it's the same)... but 2 things happened since...
  1. my sister lost my small camera (so she offered to pay for a new one for me)
  2. people tend to look at me weird when I bring my xti to restaurants and I really like taking pictures of food. (gotta remember if the meal was good enough to go back to try other things, right?)
So that brings me to getting the canon (gotta stay with the same brand) SD 750. The 3 inch LCD screen got me. The really cool thing is that it uses a SD card and my treo uses a mini SD card. The mini SD card comes with a adapter thing that converts the mini SD to a regular SD. That means.... I can use the same SD card to take pictures and upload & blog from my phone! So now, I can remember my everyday with words and pictures.

I was never sure how much I wanted to write on this blog and what this blog was meant for... I don't really know who reads this or if anyone reads this at all. I do know that when I re-read what I've posted before, I get a rush of memories for that particular day and that particular moment. I love that. So I decided this blog will be a place for the following things:
  • to remember my daily events & thoughts
  • pictures, photography, and more pictures
  • to share everything scrapbook related
  • to use the journaling on these posts for my scrapbook pages
  • to improve my writing skills
so now when I don't remember why I'm blogging... I can look back and blog with reason.

my talented sister doing one of her many jumps