Thursday, June 29, 2006

Dream Summer Vacation

Blog Challenge: what is your dream summer vacation?

A challenge on 2peas that got me thinking. For as long as I remember, summer vacations (the whole 2.5 months) was for traveling. I would always end up at one destination - Singapore. It was meant for me to spend the time I don't get to spend during the year with my family. A very important time for me. As I grew older, summer vacations were a time for me to get away from the stress of life here. Time for me to recharge my battery. Although mostly you would find me back in Singapore, I could also be found in other countries in S.E. Asia for a couple weeks exploring and doing missions. Every summer there's something to look forward to.

After college when summer vacation came to an end... It consisted of job hunting and going back to school. My dream summer vacation would be to travel somewhere I've never been before with Mike and make a stop at Singapore for a week or so. If only we didn't have to worry about work, school or money...

Now that scrapbooking is such a part of me... I would think that one of the luggages I bring along would have to be my Scrapbook Tote Bag (mine's blue)
Especially if I go for the whole summer! Otherwise, I'd bring along a travel journal and make sure I capture all the moments and memories of the trip.


  1. ejmom said...

    That sounds like fun. Can I hide in your luggage! :)

  2. melissa said...

    sounds like a great time :) how did you like the movie "the devil wears prada"? I'm reading the book right now