Friday, June 09, 2006

The Roommates & Food

Here we go again... the roommates and food is like batman & robin... we just go hand in hand. I dunno why I still continue to call them "roommates" but I dunno how else to address them. hahah

We met up on Wednesday and went to a restaurant called "Home". Nice place... ok food... GREAT time. When we asked the waitress to take a picture of us, Annie said "smile! it's for their scrapbook". Jeymi & I are CRAZY about scrapbooking and the rest of them just make fun of us about it.

Of course, after eating a full dinner, we had to go get coffee and dessert to chat more about life. We really have grown up in the last 2 years. Our conversations now include buying houses, how to invest, what to invest in, how to save for retirement... gosh... 2 years ago, that was what we were being tested on in corporate finance and was stressing if we'd pass the class... now we voluntarily talk about it. So we went to a coffee and dessert place down the street from the restaurant and got these:

Here's us with our dessert:

A night FILLED with laughter (till the point of tears) can't be explained in words for anyone else to fully comprehend and appreciate. I guess to sum up Wednesday night would be one word, "Shredded".


  1. Anonymous said...

    I thought I was a snake... i SHREDDED twice a year!!! HAHAHAHAHA... we always have such good times.. I LOVE YOU GUYS!

  2. Anonymous said...

    that was a great night! it's always great with us. no one will ever understand our jokes like we will. thanks for adding another phrase to our "gloria list"!!! SHREDDED. hahahahhahaha.
    <3 alisa

  3. shirley said...


  4. em said...

    The food looks good...but the dessert looks delicious!!! It's nice to have good friends to out and enjoy a good meal with :)

  5. BR@NDY said...

    How cute are you guys?!?!?! Your posts always make me hungry. BTW when taking pictures with my camera...everyone always screams "SCRAPBOOK!".

  6. ejmom said...

    Happy belated anniversary! And your blog always makes me so hungrey. Those desserts look yummy!