Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Some Random Thoughts

  • I was counting down till the day where I didn't have to face a 3 hour communte each day to work (back and forth work) so that I can go to school full time... and now that it's happen... I kinda miss it.
  • Being a full time student again is... weird. Still getting use to it. My life span psych teacher is INSANE. He thinks he's a psychic or a real therapist where he can diagnois everyone in class by just looking at them and not hearing any of their story. I don't like him AT ALL.
  • My abnormal psych prof is really cool. I rarely find GOOD profs... and I think she's one of the few. However, there's a risk that the class might not make because we need 15 people there and there's 12. I want her to write my letter of recommendation for USC... so I'm REALLY praying that the class will make it
  • My grandma's in town and I haven't seen her in 2 days. I miss her already. Mike & I are going to try to go down for dinner tomorrow and on thursday, I'll bring her back to my place and I get her for the weekend. Can't wait!
  • Have you ever just realized how much you love your husband (or wife, or significant other)? I get those moments where I'm doing something and I'll get the.. "i really love mike" feeling. I really can't imagine not having him in my life. And then I get the "i'm so thankful for him" feeling cos where else will I find someone that loves and adores me the way he does? He really is the best husband ever!
  • I haven't had time to scrap and that's probably when I REALLY want to. It's been so difficult adjusting to the new schedule. I thought I'd have more time on my hands not working, but the day goes by so fast! Before you know it, it's time for bed.. and the day starts again. I really need to scrap. It's theraputic for me.
  • I don't even have time to surf 2peas. That makes me sad. I use to on ALL day at work... now I only get to check it for 5 mins in the morning before my first class and at night when i'm suppose to be studying. haha (like now)
  • I'm addicted to shopping for scrapbook stuff. I've had to really stop myself from going to Michaels, Joannes, any LSS or else it's FOR SURE that I'll come out with something. I need to scrap more and buy less (for now)
  • I would love to be more consistent with 3 things. Blogging, journaling and scrapbooking.
  • I'm thinking of doing Rhonna Farrer's 21 day challenge to help me get those 3 things to become a habit...
  • God, thanks for blessing me with so much...


  1. LeAnn said...

    Love your comment - Have you ever just realized how much you love your husband.

    Yes, I do have those days and am so blessed to have my dh.

  2. Adrienne said...

    What a great entry! TFS!

  3. Sofia said...

    Oh man I would be REALLY uncomfortable knowing that someone was judging all my issues just by looking at me. Geez!

  4. BonnieRose said...

    love all you shared. Love how real you are.. hugs girlfriend!

  5. erin said...

    come scrap with me!

  6. ingrid said...

    Love these random thoughts! Thanks for sharing!