Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Tuesday Night's Bookmarks

So my regular tuesday night's scrapbooking turned into bookmark making yesterday. I had fun making them.

Mike challenged me to making a "manly" bookmark for me. This was what I came up with. He seem to really like it... but i think it's cos i added the football stickers on there. haha

I liked the quote for this bookmark. It's a good reminder for me to pray more often.

I wasn't sure how much I'd like this bookmark... but the more i look at it... the more i appreciate it. I'm really big on discovering life and cherishing moments.

This was the first one I made last night... there's something about these 3 words that strikes something deep inside of me.

My inspiration comes from journaling, reading, sitting in my 'space ship' (see entry below), scrapbooking, drawing, doodling, traveling.... where does your inspiration come from?


  1. Debbie said...

    Glo ~ these bookmarks are awesome...inspiration indeed. Where does my inspiration come from? Hmmm...I could probably go on forever, but I'll begin with the eyes and the hearts of those around me. Those that long and thirst for the well that won't run dry.

  2. Laura said...

    These are great, my favorite one is the Prayer Changes things - just so pretty and yet pertinent. Love them all though. :-)

  3. Caroline said...

    i get my inspiration from EVERYWHERE.
    other scrappers, magazines, ads, product packaging, fashion, nature.........i can go on and on!

    cute bookmarks!