Friday, April 21, 2006

Fun Facts Friday

- Last night, my DH and I talked about making a scrapbook room for me! you have NO idea how excited I am. I get to dream up what my scrapbook room will look like. I'm currently scrapping on my dining table and made that into my work space... so being the DH that he is... he wants me to have my own space to work in. Any tips for creating a scrap room?

- I got into scrapbooking last July... so it's almost been a year... and I can't imagine my life without SBing. I have truly fallen in love with this hobby and see myself doing it till i can't cut and paste anymore

- I'm currently working in the marketing industry, but am in the process of a career change to become an Occupational Therapist. I love to work with kids and want to make a difference in people's lives. Because I graduated with a Business degree, I'm having to take all my pre reqs now at a local community college and applying for the master's program at UCS in Feb. The program starts June 2007.... hopefully I get in

- I'm always looking for ways to be inspried and motivated. I love to be creative and wish that creative juice would flow out of me ALL THE TIME. haha

- One of my many dreams is to be pubulished and to be on a DT. Adrienne just agreed to mentor me =) yay!! i have a scrapbook mentor! =)

- I love being organized and clean.


  1. smkh1117 said...

    So great that you get a SBroom! I am still on the dining room table but, I'll take it 'cause it's better then nothing!LOL!

  2. Sofia said...

    Congratulations on the scraproom. How exciting! I know exactly how you feel about not being able to imagine your life without sbing.

  3. Caroline said...

    yay for the scraproom! i'm jealous!!

    and you live in MPk?! that is so awesome! we should meet up one day or something. anyways. today, i went shopping at scrapbook safari in woodland hills (inside the promenade mall), which basically has the the latest-and-greatest...but they bump their prices a weeeee bit because they are located in a mall. but they were having a sale today (totally lucked out) and tomorrow. i end up going to memories in burbank a lot (in the empire center), because they usually have what i'm looking for and isn't horribly far. i started off at scrapbook buddies in temple city (on las tunas, a little east of temple city blvd) which has the sweetest owner but not so much the latest and greatest. i try to stop in once in awhile though...

    the kind of all LSSes in so-cal is scrapbook oasis in irvine. unfortunately, i'm carless at the moment and haven't stopped by yet (one of these days!) they have the biggest selection supposedly and they have the big-timers teach there (the freestyle girls are coming next month).

    anyways. this was long.
    btw - which community college are you going to? i'm at pcc :)

  4. Cat said...

    How exciting to get your own space! I want to re-do my office - I loved the feature in this month's BHG on Erin Terrell's space, you should check it out!

  5. Michelle W. said...

    yay! Those are some great facts!

    so great to hear you got a mentor!!!


  6. mommato4boys said...

    How fun and exciting to get a scrapbook room. My hubby built me one and he's been the best husband in the world ever since!!!! Of course, I keep adding to it,and almost need a bigger one now....there's always hope that we move into a bigger house!!!!