Monday, April 17, 2006

A Mid Month Photo Update

So since I started this new blog... I've been wondering what I should post on here. I thought I'd just update my last 2 weekends with pictures.

2 Saturdays ago, it was Len's birthday... They had a hot dog party at Jenny & JT's place. Yummy food and fun people! We got to play with Nathan! Isn't he such a cutie?? He's so much fun. Mike and him had fun playing trains.

This past weekend, we went to disneyland. For some reason, we never went into innovention. We checked it out this weekend, and it was so much fun!! there's games and activities to do on the second floor.

My husband loooooooves football almost as much as I looooooooooooooooooooooooove scrapbooking... Madden being his favorite game, he found ESPN at innovention.

Another thing we love to do at Disneyland/DCA is to watch Aladdin.

The genie is so funny! His jokes are always new and up-to-date. Cracks us up!!

Then on Sunday....

We went here:

Mike's parent had a gift card to Gladstone's and treated us to a WONDERFUL dinner there. My first time there. Food was really good. I had the crab stuff salmon... yummmy! If you're there to celebrate your birthday, they give you a HUGE cotton candy in a big bowl. real fun restaurant. RIGHT by the beach. We went to the one in Long Beach.

With leftovers, they wrap it in foil and made it into different sea animals. We got a duck =)


Afterwards, we walked along the pier and took pictures.

I got really excited because I figured out how to capture the light in the background without it being blury.

And that is my mid month photo update so far.


  1. Michelle W. said...

    cool photos! I'm one of those weird woman that loves football. I'm all about the San Diego Chargers. lol


  2. Lori said...

    Great photos! Love them all!

  3. BonnieRose said...

    your photos are great. we are going to disneyland for a day next month.. check out my blog! cant wait.....