Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Creative Flow...

So i've been more and more addicted to 2peas. The community really is so welcoming. There are so many talented people there to learn from and to be encouraged by... it's awesome. It's crazy cos I feel like I finally found a support group on 2peas that I've been looking for since we got married last June (wow, it's going to be a year soon...) I'm the first of my friends to get married and being married relately young (at 22), my friends are still either single and lovin it or dating and not planning on getting married soon. It's hard to share with them the joys and hardships of marriage.

Last night, Jeymi and I started scrapping an hour early. We usually have dinner and start at 8 or 8:30 and go till about 10, but last night we skipped working out and started at about 7 and got so much done!!

I got 2 layouts and an exercise done! (yay!!)

I did this layout first. I wanted to doodle some more and so I drew out the border and it turned out pretty cool.

This one is for a Scripture Challenge on 2peas. The verse I picked was a verse read at our wedding (1 cor. 13:4-8) I thought it fit the picture well. The Lil Davis chipboard letters helped the "love" stand out just the right way =)

Here's the excerise that Kelly posted on her site. Week #2: Our Weaknesses are Our Strengths

I'm not sure if this is how it's suppose to turn out... and once again, my fears are YELLING out at me telling me that it's not good enough and it looks ugly.... but oh well. I had so much fun doing it! haha it was almost a release of freedom that rushed through me as i followed the steps of this exercise. The more awesome thing is that while I was doing the exercise, i had so many new ideas of how to make layouts different or just to simply have fun with art.

All in all, my wednesday so far has been ok. I've been on this creative flow the last 2 days that I've neglected my studies. I need to catch up on some reading tonight and we'll see if i can squeeze in a layout in there... If not, at least some journaling time.


  1. kreativekell said...

    glo:sounds like you did the exercise right...know why? because you said you had fun with it!!! good for you...

  2. TopCat76 said...

    glo, this is great, you let go and went with the flow. For me that's half the challenge! Great job! Trace xx

  3. Laura said...

    Love the layouts, but wanted to tell you that I love your Today's the day post...great way to start a blog! Welcome to blog land.

  4. BonnieRose said...

    your layouts are incredible.. you are one talented sber... love them all! So glad u joined the rest of us in blogheaven.. lol

  5. Maggie said...

    The most important part is to let go of the fear of what's it's supposed to look like.
    Once I did that I was able to create art that pleases me, not others.
    It look s great don't give up.