Thursday, April 20, 2006

My Perfect Day... My Space Ship

So today's blog challenge on 2peas is what my perfect day would be like...

I'd have to say.. it would be one where I would have no responsibilities. No work, a clean house, good food, LOTS of time to create, scrap, journal, and scrap some more. I'm a big fan of massages and spa, so I'd probably take a trip to burke williams to enjoy myself. And there will be lots of good food inbetween it all.

Must it be just ONE perfect day? What about a perfect week? haha I love to dream about things like this...

When I was a kid, I spent a lot of my time in a cardboard box. The box was my spaceship. I put blankets, pillows & crayons in there. I drew buttons on the side of the box and I was in a safe place. I placed the box right in front of the TV and would stay in my box all day. My grandma who took care of me as a child would bring my meals to me because i refused to come out of my space ship. There was so much comfort in my space ship.

Today, since I can't fit into a cardboard box anymore, my spaceship is the space I created in my dining table (that we don't usually use unless we have guest over). Behind me is my scrap corner where all my scrapbook supplies are. Just being around my supplies allows me to feel free to create. It's a simple space in my house... just like how my cardboard box was really simple... It brings me to a place where I feel free to be me... free to journal, scrap, create, draw... be creative... i love it

My perfect day would involve lots of time in my space ship =) Sometimes I like to pretend that my DH is in his own spaceship upstairs in his room and we'll use iSight to communicate. It allows us to have our own time but be connected and somewhat in the same room together.

Imagination is powerful... i hope i never lose it.


  1. BonnieRose said...

    love what u shared!
    if u read my blog... do a search for california, and search my blog... u will see my posts all about our upcoming trip to MOnterey and up the coast!
    U must live close to there.. any great sbing stores or things to see u wanna share? or have u sent them to me already?? I've got tons of peamails saved.. to go thru...

    forgive me if u've already sent me the info!
    hubby and I are excited to be going there.. first time along the calif coast.. way too fun!

  2. dynamomomof2 said...

    I love your post about your "spaceship" - would make an awesome layout!