Saturday, August 25, 2007

Step 1

Today, I bought the tool (with a 30% coupon - whoo hooo!) that will help me get started on training for the triathlon. It took me a while to decide if this is what I really want to do... but I decided to go for it and see where it takes me. I should be able to warm up with the Nike Run Hit Remix. Something fun the roommates & I will get to do together in September. it's about time i get my lazy couch potato butt up and do something about myself. I found this training guide to help get myself to run the 3 miles in 7 months.

I also got to do a little shopping with my sister at Target. They had a pretty good sale on clothes there... so we scored a couple tops and dresses. After target, we dropped by fosselman's ice cream for some yummy rum raisin. I also volunteered in the morning and had some "glo time" after at the cafe. I was advised to stay off coffee until my text on Wednesday. It's suppose to help me be less anxious. I'm going to give it a try. The thought of not having my cup of coffee in the morning already puts me in a bad mood... but i would like to be as less anxious as possible this week leading up to the GRE.

Tomorrow... we go to sea world!!! {I love San Diego... such a nice city. I think I would love to live in either San Diego or Pasadena if we stay in So. California.} We bought tickets to go there earlier in june to celebrate our anniversary... and this summer they have the buy one get one free ticket deal... so we wanna go back before their summer shows end. It should be fun.... a good way to end a fun weekend.


  1. johnpvee said...

    i'm doing nikerunhitremix, too! this is my 3rd year. it's a blast. u'll have fun.

    and g'luck w/ GRE's. u'll be fine.