Thursday, August 16, 2007

Things to do...

in the mist of the stress of studying and applying to school again... i made a list of things i would like to do before this summer ends. How many of it will i really get to do? i have no clue. we'll just wait and see...

this week started out pretty 'eh'. i tend to dwell on the negative emotions more than the positives... i'm such an Eeyore. things need to change. as crazy as things are... there has been so much positives this week...

- volunteering has been a really good experience so far... it's been so interesting meeting different kids with different things they need to work on. the therapists at the clinic are all really friendly. i get to ask questions and learn the different ways they do therapy. it totally opened my eyes to why i want to pursue this career again.

- mike has been so patient, caring and supportive. he truly is my biggest fan. he's assured me over and over again that i can do this and i'm capable of it... he's the best.

- i had a really good conversation with my sister over dinner this week. i really like hanging out with her. we have so much to talk, vent and laugh about. i'm going miss having her around when she goes back to school

- i'm blessed to have a job that let's me be creative. i'm also blessed to have awesome co workers at work to hang out and chat with.... coffee to drink as i please... and be inspired to create for 20 hours a week. i'm thinking of investing in digital kits to scrapbook and do more hybrid scrapping.

- i have great friends who pray for me, care for me, and love me for me.

it really hasn't been all bad... i need to just be more positive and remember the good things in life too.

** i miss you, maija! let's get some lunch together soon. i'll call you **


  1. Tim & Maija said...

    Hey Glo,
    I miss you too! Yes let's have lunch together. Give me a call.

  2. Deborah said...

    sometimes we all need to be an Eeyore, just know he doesn't define you! Good luck with the studying and volunteering! You are amazing - God knows it and so do all of us who know you!