Tuesday, July 04, 2006

fireworks in the park

Today was good. I woke up knowing that I had the day to do whatever we wanted. I love days off. Mike & I just hung out at home in the morning, lounged around, watched some TV and napped. I got to sit and read a magazine that I haven't had time to read last month.

Later, when it got too hot to stay at home, we went and got free air condition at the mall. Walked around and got some bath gel at Bath & Body Works. They had their semi annual sale, so we got our favorite scent for $5. (Regularly $13)

After the mall closed, we tried to be adventurous and drove around looking for a new place to eat. But later decided that today isn't the day to explore since so many restaurants were closed because of the holiday. So we ended up eating near by home at the Korean Tofu restaurant. Yummy stuff!

After dinner we went to watch fireworks are the park near home. Thank goodness we live close by and it's walking distance. It would have been impossible to find parking. The city put on a pretty good show. Mike & I brought a straw mat to sit on and we got to work out our budget while we waited for the show to start.

To be able to lay down and watch the fireworks shoot up right over you is amazing. We watch the fireworks show at Disneyland all the time, but to really enjoy it laying down and having it cover the sky right over you is another story. It would have been better if they played some good music to go with the show, but I think we're just really spoiled from the fireworks show at Disneyland.

My Happiness Today is...

  • watching fireworks with Mike
  • having a day off
  • getting to surf 2peas
  • finding my bath gel on sale!


  1. ejmom said...

    Sounds like you had a great 4th. I agree about laying down to watch the fireworks!

  2. anita said...

    you have such a good picture of the fireworks! :) i like laying down to watch fireworks too :)