Saturday, July 14, 2007

ok really, can he get any cuter?!

Jacob Jonathan

Jacob Jonathan

The Scotts

Jacob Jonathan

  • i love that he calls me 'doe'
  • i love that when i first met him, he was barely crawling and now he runs around in his orange crocs
  • awesome people. incredible parents.
  • seeing betsy with jj makes me wanna have kids
  • with them i see that having kids doesn't mean that your life is over and your marriage is not fun anymore. everyday is a new adventure
  • i love that dave admires both his wife and son more than anything
  • i hope jj remembers me as he grows older. the boy is such a good kid. he's so loved by everyone at fuller
  • i love that i get to play with jj and take him to the big playground (dee doo) and he'll explore it like it's his first time there
  • this family is going to touch many more lives. as they journey on the path God has set out for them, i'm so sure that the people they meet will be blessed by them.


  1. wanderingellimac said...

    Gloria! you are so so talented. what fun pictures!!!!!

  2. Tim & Maija said...

    Glo, those are great pics. Jacob is really stinkin cute. How do you make those mosaics? Can you do it on flickr or do you have a program?