Monday, June 18, 2007

It feels good to be me

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Thanks A MillionJust wanted to say...

The past 2 months has been really difficult to get myself to scrap. I actually just came to a point where I stopped scrapping. I would still look over inspirational blogs religiously, shopped for the latest products that I've been eying... yet I was still unable to get myself out of a slump. I became to focus my energy on photography and played more with my camera (which was fun) but I knew that at my very core and as important as photos are in the scrapbooking world.. my energy comes from creating art through paper.

I drove down with Erin to Carlsbad last Wednesday to meet the famous and amazing Ali Edwards. Our trip was exactly what I needed to reconnect with myself and my passion. We got to make stops along the way to different scrapbook stores that carried many cool things. (I didn't spend too much money cos I already bought a bunch of stuff a couple weeks before and haven't used any of it yet - but it's always inspiring to be around scrapbooking products) On the way there, I was also reminded that I should still give OT school another shot. I'm not entirely sure where I'll be in a year or two, but I do want to keep walking this path until God changes the direction.

Ali Edwards @ Ever After

Meeting Ali Edwards was... just... wow. I texted Mike when I first saw her walking around about how excited and nervous I was. I wanted to go up and introduce myself and just ask her a million questions... but when I finally got the courage to speak... I just told her how much I love her work (and I'm pretty sure I was stuttering through it all cos I couldn't believe I'm actually talk to her in PERSON!) Anyways... that night was so awesome. We got to see her personal scrapbooks, hear her stories and ask her questions. I walked away totally inspired to scrap and was reminded again that I needed to capture life and memories on an everyday basis. Ali has such a positive outlook on life, it makes me wanna be more optimistic about where I am now. She really isn't just a scrapbooker, she's a Life Artist. I love it.

Since then, I've been able to get myself going again. I've been scrapping, making cards, playing with my supplies and allowing myself to think outside the box. I've been dreaming and wanting to make my dreams a reality. I've been wanting to be more creative and loving the energy that comes with creativity. I've also had a better and more positive outlook on life... on wanting to make a difference in this world. To not just chase after the 'American dream' and forget that other's exist. I want to contribute and possibly influence others to be inspired to live their dreams. There are very exciting times ahead... We'll see how things unfold.


  1. j said...

    She is awesome, isn't she? I've taken a classes from her on a couple of different occasions and she just amazes me. She's so real and genuine with everyone she meets. It's great that you have moved past your slump! Everyone goes through that once in awhile! :-)

  2. BlessedDaily! said...

    wow! how inspiring your meeting with Ali is and those are some amazing photos, you must be having lots of fun scrapping.