Sunday, April 29, 2007


Growing up, I moved a lot. The first 10 years of my life was spent all over the place... always moving... never really having a place that I called home. Eventually we settled down in Cerritos when I was in 4th grade and finally got to make friends longer than a year. But even then, it was hard for me to feel at home. I would always want to be back in Singapore when I was in LA and when I was in Singapore, I missed my friends in LA. Nothing really made me feel home. In college I moved out to Riverside, but came back to Cerritos every weekend... still then, I wasn't sure where I felt more at home. I don't think I really felt what 'home' was until last year.

After moving into our place in MPK, it took a while to get use to living in another city. A city filled with bad drivers, people with little or no customer service at restaurants and a lot more police sirens going off at night. It most definately did not feel like home the first year... but since then, I've be able to create a place for us to feel comfortable in. A place where I take responsiblity in cleaning and organizing and decorating. These days, I don't want to be away too long from home and when I get back from traveling/vacation/house sitting for co workers, I love the feeling of being home again. I love the feeling of sleeping in our own bed, showering in our own bathroom and watching TV on our own couch. It's a weird but good feeling.

There's no doubt a lot more decorating, cleaning and organizing I'd love to do to our home, but despite all of the things that aren't ideal for me about this place... it's home.... and I love it.