Tuesday, October 31, 2006

In the mist of being busy...

finding little pockets of time to scrap does my soul good. Made some cards with my friend Erin the other week and like always, she inspired me to do a page after making these cards.

I liked how this page turned out. I think I may add some hidden journaling to it. This was the "secret dinner" we found out about last min at Downtown Disney for $10/person. Buffet at the 3 very expensive and very tasty restaurants there. Such a fun experience =)

I made this with the newly bought stash at the scrapbooking expo this last saturday. Had a grrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat time there too! I even got my friend Jocelyn to go with me and she got a bunch of starter kits! (if you're reading this, LET'S SCRAP!) So anyways... I've been trying to find ways to motivate myself and organize in a way that will keep me going in this anatomy class that's really stretching me like no other. For some reason, I had a notebook with a specific design in mind and went on a search for it at target and office depot, but when I couldn't find it I was pretty bummed. At the convention, I saw an altered composition book at one of the booths and although I've altered composition books before, it was like a fresh idea. So this is what I came up with sunday night. =) I like being able to put words on the cover to inspire me when I'm discouraged about this tough subject.

wild asparagus pp
lil davis alpha stickers (anatomy)
catlifepress stampe (when)
cafe phrases stickers
american craft ribbon
mm brads
heidi swapp mini tabs


  1. traci said...

    wow - you've been busy! i especially love the cards.

  2. Joy said...

    GLOOOOO! You're amazing. Like a scrap-booking artist! Way to go!