Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Time for some Cards!

It's been a while since I updated and there's a massive picture post coming soon, but for now, it's just some cards I got to scrap last sunday. A lot of creative juice pent up inside because I haven't had time to scrap consistently. Here are some cards I got going...

Bryan & Brandon's birthday are coming up and I was able to scrap them just in time to send it to them yesterday.

Hopefully this will get me blogging more often again... I really do miss keeping up with the blog and scrapbooking.

My happiness today is...

  • having dinner at rubios with mike and paying only $1 for fish tacos!
  • it was the last GRE class for me tonight
  • i'm feeling more and more organized and on top of things


  1. Prachi Pareekh said...

    These are awesome, great!

  2. BonnieRose said...

    your cards are great... wow!!!
    u go girl!