Monday, May 08, 2006

The Highlights of my Weekend

  • Renewed my annual pass at Disneyland!
  • got an AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME paper rack from Michelle on 2peas cos she was moving. $25 for two 22 slots paper rack! i've been wanting to slowly put together my scrap room and IDEALLY wanted to get racks JUST like these, but didn't think I could find them. One again, God provides.
  • Got to watch people swing dance at disneyland and enjoyed my clam chowder bowl while watching the fireworks
  • Had a good time with Mikey at the park
  • Scrapbooked with Jeymi all sunday afternoon and finished 3 projects + arranged my paper on my new rack!

Here are some pictures...

Last week, I made some mother's day cards in pink... yesterday, I did them in blue